Tracks Announced at E3 2011

Bernese Alps


Driving at ludicrous speeds on an incredible race track is always a thrill- but driving on the edge of control while surrounded by the gorgeous snow-capped peaks of the Alps, is quite another. The Bernese Alps is our showcase track of E3. If you've seen cars in action here, you know the level of graphical detail and beauty that this track is packing. The Alps track in Forza 4 is flat out fast. Consisting of a wonderful blend of elevation changes and a huge variety of turns, the Alps track is seat of your pants driving at its very best. Whether you're attacking the long first left hander or screaming across the bridge that leads to the start finish line at something close to top speed, this is one of the visual highlights of FM4.

Top Gear Test Track


The track will be accurate to the real thing, set in Dunsfold, UK. If you haven't heard of Top Gear before you may not pay much notice, but to those of who are fans of the show there will definitely be a treat in store for you. There will also be a game mode similar to the TV show, where you drive Top Gear's "Reasonably priced car" around the track to attempt to get the best lap time. The reasonably priced car has been confirmed to be the Kia Cee'd, but any car can be driven on the track in races, Car Bowling or Car Soccer modes.

Le Mans Series Racing Tracks

The following tracks have been confirmed for Forza Motorsport 4 as part of Turn10's exclusive partnership with the Le Mans Series Racing. For more information on this exclusive partnership, which includes more events, tracks, and cars, go to the American Le Mans Series Racing page.
  • -Sebring
  • -Road Atlanta
  • -Road America
  • -Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca