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Founded in 1927
Country: Sweden
5 cars included

In-game DescriptionEdit

"Volvo was founded in 1927 as part of the Swedish SKF Group, a manufacturer of ball and roller bearings. 'Volvo' is latin for 'I roll,' a name appropriate for both bearings and for cars. Volvo, which became an independent company in 1935, has established a worldwide reputation for safety innovations, from the three-point seatbelt to crumple zones, collapsible steering columns, and side-impact airbags. The company's founders maintained from the outset that its operations should be based on safety, quality, and the environment as core values. The design of Volvo cars reflects their Scandinavian origins, with emphasis on both elegance and functionality. This design tradition includes elements that have been found in Volvos since the 1950s, such as the vertical front, the V-shaped bonnet, the pronounced shoulders along the sides of the car, and the shape of the tail lights.
Over the years, Volvo models have gained in performance and luxury, and have added safety features that are now industry standards. An excellent example of Volvo's current combination of style, safety, and performance is the S60 R. Based on the S60 sedan, the S60 R (the 'R' stands for 'Refined') offers superior power and handling. Featuring a 300-hp, 2.5-liter turbocharged inline 5-cylinder engine, upgraded wheels, tires, brakes, and a computer-controlled active suspension system, the S60 R is a highly refined competitor for many manufacturers' performance models."

Car listEdit

Year Model PI
1983 242 Turbo Evolution 297D 297
1997 850 R 330D 330 April Alpinestars Car Pack
2009 C30 R-Design 373C 373
2004 S60 R 442B 442
2011 S60 R-Design 459B 459